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Empower Clinics Starts 2022 With Major Press Releases Foreshadowing An Emerging Healthcare Behemoth

While most companies and investors are relaxing on New Years Eve and just getting organized on the first trading day of the year, Empower Clinics $CBDT did neither with major press releases on both days. We sat down with CEO Steve McAuley to discuss what the press releases mean for each of the Company's 3 lines of business in 2022 ... and McAuley doesn't disappoint in painting a picture that includes major growth in their clinics, cross-leveraging Company assets to accelerate growth across all...

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Empower Clinics Has 2022 Expansion Plans Firmly Focused On US Market … Both Business And Uplisting

2021 was the year Empower Clinics launched off the starting blocks.  2022 is the year it hits the acceleration phase. With the Company's clinic count now at 41 ... Operational (5) In Development / Construction (7) In Acquisition (8) Pipeline (21) ... CEO Steve McAuley knows he has a winning formula and, more importantly, has now demonstrated that to the world including major pharmacy chain partners, the government and .... US investment bankers. " I'm already speaking with New York.  I'm...

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With 2020 Audit Complete, Empower Clinics CEO Steve McAuley Sees Big Growth For Operations, US Expansion, Market Cap & Uplisting

With $US 3.2M in 2020 revenue, representing a 58% increase over the previous year, you would think Empower Clinics CEO Steve McAuley would use his first interview after the filing to celebrate. He isn't. Rather, with Fiscal 2020 having come to end more than 6 months ago, the 2020 results are a distant rear view mirror shot of a Company that is in full-blown growth mode and can be best summarized as follows: "Multiple opportunities have been percolating and I'm going to turn up the heat" To...

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