Empower Clinics Has 2022 Expansion Plans Firmly Focused On US Market … Both Business And Uplisting

Nov 5, 2021 | In the News

2021 was the year Empower Clinics launched off the starting blocks.  2022 is the year it hits the acceleration phase.

With the Company’s clinic count now at 41 …

  • Operational (5)
  • In Development / Construction (7)
  • In Acquisition (8)
  • Pipeline (21)

… CEO Steve McAuley knows he has a winning formula and, more importantly, has now demonstrated that to the world including major pharmacy chain partners, the government and …. US investment bankers.

” I’m already speaking with New York.  I’m already speaking with the bankers”

If you’ve been paying attention and not letting emotion get in the way, this shouldn’t come as any surprise because Six Sigma Steve simply doesn’t know how to play small ball.  He has been mapping out this business trajectory for longer than anyone can imagine and now he’s mapping out his NASDAQ trajectory by lining up all the elements of Empower operations, finances and governance to converge in one magic moment on a date in the foreseeable future that he won’t yet divulge.

Watch or listen to this powerful interview with Empower CEO Steve McAuley.