Empower Clinics: New COVID-19 Testing Products

May 4, 2021 | In the News

Providing body and mind wellness for over 200,000 patients

Empower provides body and mind wellness for more than 200,000 patients through its clinics in the United States & Canada, a telemedicine platform and a world-class medical diagnostics laboratory in Texas.

Supported by an experienced leadership team, Empower is also aggressively growing its clinical and digital presence across the US and Canada. Its Health & Wellness and Diagnostics & Technology business units are positioned to positively impact the integrated health of its patients. They also provide long term value for its shareholders.

Furthermore, Empower has a particular focus right now on COVID-19 and bringing to market new novel COVID-19 testing products.

The company already had all of the operational pieces to start offering COVID-19 testing. Moreover, they realized that ultimately there was a better margin and revenue by owning a lab. ” We decided it’d be better to acquire rather than open a lab. And we started looking around for appropriate lab partners. We landed on Kai Medical Laboratory out of Dallas, Texas,” says Chairman and CEO, Steven McAuley.

COVID-19 Testing Kits

When COVID happened, Kai Medical Laboratory knew they needed to find a solution to be able to triage patients and test them so that that they could get treated. “It was kind of a no-brainer to go with a saliva device collection kit,” says President, Kai Medical Laboratory, Yoshi Tyler.

That Kai Saliva at home COVID-19 test, kickstarted a focus on direct-to-consumer self-testing. With Empower’s financial backing, an e-commerce store has been launched. and are the platforms in the U.S. and Canada that will offer a wide range of medical testing products.