Empower Clinics Provides Corporate Update

Jan 17, 2019 | Press Releases

SEATTLE,  WA:  January  17,  2019  –  EMPOWER  CLINICS  INC.  (CSE:  EPW)  (Frankfurt 8EC)  (“Empower”  or  the  “Company”)  today  provided  a  corporate  update  on  operations and changes to its board of directors

The  Company  is  pleased  to  announce  its  first  production  run  of  Sollievo  CBD  lotion  has commenced selling in two test markets – Portland, OR and Seattle, WA. Initial product sales are direct to market both in Empower clinics located in the test markets and through other practitioners, such as chiropractors, health & fitness clubs and elder care facilities.

HOW  IT  WORKS:  All  Sollievo  products  are  powered  by  99%  pure  hemp  CBD  isolate  and proprietary  terpene  blends.  CBD  (cannabidiol)  is  a  non-psychoactive  molecule  found  in hemp and cannabis plants. After multiple stages of refinement, CBD is purified into crystals (isolate) and other compounds like chlorophyll are removed.

Every Sollievo product uses CBD crystals combined with naturally derived terpene blends to address  specific  everyday  ailments  like  chronic  pain,  insomnia,  digestion  issues,  and anxiety.  The  blends  are  designed  by  top  scientists  in  the  hemp  and  cannabis  industry  to address the most common qualifying conditions of Empower Clinics patients and consumers.

Empower Clinics’ doctors advised a team of chemists, biologists and product designers in creating products that will never intoxicate you or leave you with a hangover. Currently, the Empower product development team has created numerous proprietary product blends and categories,  in  various  stages  of  product  analysis,  packaging  and  roll-out,  including  CBD lotions, tinctures, spectrum oils, capsules, lozenges, patches and an eDrink.

“The  passing  of  the  US$867  billion  Agriculture  Improvement  Act  (the  Farm  Bill)  has legalized hemp and hemp based products. This has created a massive opportunity for the production and sales of a variety of CBD based products that can provide genuine help and effective relief to millions of people suffering from a variety of serious qualifying conditions,” said  Steven  McAuley,  Empower  Chairman  &  CEO.  He  further  states,  “Recent  reports  and studies indicate the approval of this bill could create a US$20 billion industry by 2022.”

The Company would also like to announce the resignation of Mr. Dan Ballister as a director of Empower and thanks him for his service and support of the Company. The Company also announces  the  appointment  of  Ms.  Emily  Davis  as  a  director  of  the  Company.  Ms.  Davis brings extensive corporate and public company experience and will support the Company in this role as it continues to identify new candidates for its board of directors,


Empower is a leading owner/operator of a network of physician-staffed clinics focused on helping  patients  improve  and  protect  their  health  through  innovative  uses  of  medical cannabis. Treatment solutions are focused on education, data and efficacy in combination with other modalities to support patients with serious qualifying conditions, such as chronic pain,  PTSD,  sleep  disorders,  opioid  dependency,  epilepsy  and  more.  It  is  expected  that Empower’s  proprietary  product  line  “Sollievo”  will  offer  patients  a  variety  of  delivery methods of doctor recommended medical cannabis product options in its clinics, online and at major retailers. With over 120,000 patients, an expanding clinic footprint, a focus on new technologies,  including  tele-medicine  and  an  expanded  product  development  strategy, Empower  believes  it  is  positioned  to  be  a  market-leading  service  provider  for  complex patient requirements in 2019 and beyond.


Steven McAuley

Chief Executive Officer




Steve Low

Boom Capital Markets



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